Battery Usage Instructions
Most of all calls about products arriving Dead from are about how to insert batteries into a product.

 Most products that seem to be defective are actually not.

Spicy Tip - If you toy came with batteries, make sure that you remove any battery guards ( these are little pieces of plastic on the contact points that need to be removed before use).

These Instructions Apply For All Toys Using A, AA, AAA, and Watch Size Batteries.

The Negative (-) Side of the battery. Should Come Into Contact With The Spring Side Of The Battery Compartment In The Toy, It does not matter if your toy is using 1 battery or 2 batteries.
If this does not work, try Jiggling the batteries around. As a last resort try switching the battery around. REMEMBER The Positive (+) Side will always line up with the next batteries Negative (-) Side.

Some Tips From The Pros

Removing Batteries From Your Toys Will Greatly Increase The Life Of Your Adult Toys.
So Please Remove Them When Not In Use!

Remember to ONLY USE NEW BATTERIES. Some Toys Will not operate with batteries that are not fully charged! ALSO Make Sure The Batteries You Are Using Are Not Expired Or Damaged.

3.) Be careful When Washing Toys
Be very careful when washing you toys.

4.) Keep The Contacts Clean
Keep battery contact surfaces and battery compartment contacts clean by rubbing them with a clean pencil eraser or a rough cloth each time you replace batteries.

Store batteries in a dry place at normal room temperature. Do not refrigerate. This will not make them last longer.